MoonEyes Open House, 2017
MoonEyes Open House, 2017
Dave Iverson brought his ol’ Harley out to El Mirage. Dave converted his 1924 to an overhead 4-valve of his own design. I may have a video.
Taken at a SCTA Time Trials event at El Mirage Dry Lake, SoCal, in July, 2017.
While we were up to see the air races in Reno, we dropped down to Virginia City for the annual hill climb. Here’s a McLaren in an expensive off-road excursion. He wanged the guard rail on the way over the side.
Virginia City Hill Climb, 2017
Something a little different. Went to the Reno Air Races last weekend. Cool bucket list item. Here is some bitchen’ nose art, a A10 and a P38 doing some formation flying, and a P51 blowin’ by at full chat.
Reno Air Races, 2017
Very sporty 1953 Nash Healey Le Mans Coupe. This model wa equipped with a Le-Mans Dual Jetfire Ambassador Six.
Pomona Swap Meet 2016
Some folks like this stuff.
MoonEyes Xmas Party 2016
This poor car started out life as a Camero. Do you think it wanted to end up like this?
NHRA Museum Twilight Cruise 2016
The Ontario PD has some some cool lookin’ patrol cars. Each car is decorated and dedicated to those who lost their lives on 9/11.
Route 66 Reunion 2015
May not be the usual car we post on HotRodResource but this is kinda neat.
2015 Huffarama
Strange flames on this late model whatever. Not my style.
2015 LB Swap meet
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